Color / 1 Hr. 59 Mins.
Produced and Directed by Diane Ele
Plasma Channel Network. All Rights Reserved.

Video Description: Vassula Ryden, renowned visionary speaks to believers at the Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church in New York on June 23rd, 2001. Vassula's lecture includes God's message of love, peace and hope given to her prophetically. She shares with us the messages of GOD which she has received over the past 16 years where GOD has guided her to speak all over the world in detail about what "True Life in GOD" is and how we may achieve it. GOD dictates to Vassula these messages which have led to a series of 11 books which GOD Himself has named them "True Life in GOD".
Also see interview clips with Vassula and hear discussions on Gods return, end times, recent outbreak of miracles(actual miracle video footage included), fate of nonbelievers, purgatory, world war, reincarnation and more. Witness the faithful as they are "Slain in the Spirit" while receiving a blessing via Vassula. When this event happens, people fall backwards in a restful or sleep like state. Being "in the Spirit" or "under the power" is a phenomenon that indicates the Lord is present.
Revive your faith and receive a spiritual awakening with God's Message of Love.

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